Dark Paths

Story by Lauren

How do you overcome the darkness on the path less traveled when there is no one around. You can see that this path is overgrown and not many would dare follow this path.

We all have our deamons to fight, we all have our memories to fall back on, nevertheless what happens when the path less traveled is so dark so overgrown that you can not see your memories or feel the deamons.

You can only feel the darkness seeping into your reality, into your mind and your thoughts.

This week’s Sunday collab was written by Lauren of Life Inside BDSM. A prolific writer of naughtiness. Thank you for the spookems, Lauren!

Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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8 thoughts on “Dark Paths”

  1. If you find yourself, on this path of darkness, with nobody else to help you through, you’re just, going to find that faith in yourself, that you CAN, get through the hard roads you’re currently on, and just, keep on going…


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