The Shot Not Heard

Story by Willow Croft

Be still, they scraped.

She could hear them.

No, feel them.

Communication pulsing through the plants.

Different stages of their growth cycling into synchronicity.

Scrape, scrape, scrape. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Durthi remembered the science charts from her primary school days.

Roots. Stem. Petal. Pollen. Pistil.

All done up in pastel colours.

Cheery hues that hid their fear. Their sadness. Their pain.

And their rage. Encapsulated in tiny golden grains of pollen.

She felt that, too.

No. She tried to scrape back.

Safe, they answered, unanimously.

Warmth flowed through the root system that encased her.

She saw what they saw.

A million billion human faces bent over them.

The pistils fired.

This week’s spooky-ooky-dooky collaboration is with Willow Croft of Another longtime Fears’erer, blogger, author and pun-lover. Cheers for the spooky-ooky-dooky’s Willow!

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25 thoughts on “The Shot Not Heard”

    1. First time I read it, honestly thought it was a spelling mistake, and was then like ooooooo, clever! Haha!


  1. I like your doodles on photos. Words and pictures too. Pixel and vector? No, more a gesture now in a place here becoming figure and ground: contrast and tension mellowed by humor.


    1. Thanks, Howard. Willow wrote us a fab story!

      I do like a bit of vector drawing, but my love of drawing shapes onto pictures will always be my fave kinda doodles.


  2. Have you heard about any of the research done into the communication of plants? Not only by releasing odors and such, but through “mycorrhiza” (“an internet of fungus”) and such? This post reminded me of that research.


    1. I vaguely remember some stuff when I was doing a degree in Environmental Sciences. Been a long time though, heh.


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