Book Terror

“Alright bruv,” said Blue. “You look a little rattled mate.”

“Well,” replied Black, “I’m reading a horror story written in Braille.”

“Oh aye,” pondered Blue. “Any good?”

“It’s OK,” said Black. “But something bad’s going to happen. I can feel it…”

I did say I wanted horror to return to the Fears… Although… Not really what I meant… *Grins*

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26 thoughts on “Book Terror”

    1. Heh, cheers again. Hey, if you think of a funny (or horror), don’t forget I’m always open to collaborations. Drop me an email for the full rundown of how they work and what’s required.


      1. How odd, all your comments have always turned up without needed approval except this one. Akismet must have had a senior moment.


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