Lady Bug

“What up, Lady Bug?” asked Monsta.

“Just back from the doc’s mate,” sighed Lady Bug.

“Oh dear,” said Monsta, “everything OK?”

“I’ve gotten a prescription of anti-gloating cream for my smugness,” grumbled Lady Bug.

“Ack,” replied Monsta. “I bet you can’t wait to rub it in.”

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29 thoughts on “Lady Bug”

    1. Cheers, matey. BTW, now you’ve seen a few Sunday collabs and what others do, any interest in doing one yourself?


      1. I still don’t think a super-short story like that is my forte, Peter. I’m flattered that you have extended the invitation, but I struggle to keep my blog at under 2500 words most weeks. Besides, my sense of humor is not nearly as sharp as yours, or that of your other collaborators. I’ll just continue to enjoy reading your work.


      2. Righto, matey.If you ever change your mind, please do drop me a message. The door’s always open to a story from you. 🙂


  1. Hilarious, some times I think I am not to cleaver to get your puns the first time around. So I call in my husband, we watch the video together and then he explains, I laugh till I cry and then he has to read it also trying to sound just like you! You have an amazing voice and he likes to try and sound just like you. We sure enjoy your posts.


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