“What’s up?” asked Wobble.

“I’ve lost my mood ring,” grumbled Wibble.

“Oh dear,” replied Wobble. “I hope you’re not too upset.”

“Honestly,” sighed Wibble, “I don’t know how I feel…”

#MicroDoodle4Lyfe. This tiny Fear is available on Etsy for £6. Linky:

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57 thoughts on “Moods”

    1. Cheers, Marge. Just dropped you an email…

      (Which you replied to while I was typing this, damn you fast! Haha!)


      1. LOL! Not always so fast – just happened to be checking my email when you sent it. Sometimes I don’t see (and therefore don’t answer) my email for days, especially if Yahoo drops something into my spam folder instead of my inbox.


    1. Hah. Oh man, I cannay be doing with Apple products! The management at my old company would swear by them. Then at them. Then buy the next generation… Sigh


      1. Yeah, my old iPhone that for run over by and F150 pickup and survived got updated. I said Ays dunna nee the fancy bugger tae geh me wee texts an the lass wi’ an arse to beat a Buick sais Weel thu glossy 10r is numoor than $3 oher the 7 ya daft cunt. So I sais weel aright I’ll haf it, dunna ye try to sat on me is aw.

        Sorry. Been re-reading some Irvine Welsh. Anna a wee bit tae mayalotta ‘im, mate’ Lie a bloody Mex pepper ‘e is.
        Sorry – Again…


      2. Haha! Sounds like you a got a cheapo then. Still wouldn’t, give me a cheap android where I own what I’ve bought.

        No problem on the Irvine. Funny, I keep having Trainspotting 2 suggested to me on Prime at the moment. The world must be in a Walsh mood.


      3. He probably came up in his press agent’s rotation…Oh, here’s a bloke without a hit song in a while, let’s be sure he’s not forgotten.


  1. Adorable artwork, so very snow cone pink, and those trees… too cute. I wanted a mood ring so bad, when I was a teenager. I had no hope that one would be under the tree, but there it was, come Christmas morning. My mom did good 🙂 When I put that ring on my finger, it sure did change my mood 😛


  2. Hi Little Fears – nice blog, poems, and pics. I had to look up “courgette” – known only as zucchini in the U.S. I’m trying to decide if the French sounds more elegant.


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