“Botanica, mate,” said Ami, “what’s up?”

“I just chased a mugger out of my garden,” sighed Botanica.

“Oh dear,” replied Ami. “Did he steal anything from you?”

“My wallet,” grumbled Botanica. “He really gave me a run for my money.”

#MicroDoodle4Lyfe. My micro Fear is available on Etsy. Linky: littlefears.etsy.com

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24 thoughts on “Sprint”

    1. Hah. I have so many spam emails from Chase telling me my account has been closed. I’d never heard of them until I started get daily urgent emails from them, haha.


  1. That’s some trippy dreamscape stuff. I dig it. A night or so ago I had somethign akin to a dream about a post apocalyptic Victorian beigeness complete with cockney bums and dirtbikes. Also skulls. Because apocalypse. Keep up the good work. Cheers!


    1. Hah, sounds like a trip of a dream! I don’t really have weird dreams anymore. Stopped having nightmares and shifting about in bed in my early twenties and since then I never move while I’m asleep and if I do dream, I don’t ever remember them.


      1. Peyote helps! That’s interesting though. I figured visual artists would have vivid dreams. Maybe it all comes out on paper so it’s cleared outta RAM.


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