Big Smiles

“My fella woke up with a huge smile on his face this morning,” remarked Clouds. “I love sharpie pens.”

Fnar, fnar!

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19 thoughts on “Big Smiles”

  1. Hey, Peter! So you might know, I just moved and I wanted to know if it would be too much trouble for you to send prints of the little fears to the US? My walls are bare at the moment and I thought of you! ❀


    1. Awww, howdy again. Sure, I do free global postage, first class. Also, yay no more airbeds for you? I certainly hope so! Boy howdy, do I know how nice sleeping in an actual bed is after a prolonged period of no mattress.


      1. I do have a comfy bed and a place to call home now, yes! Rad of you to check up on me that way, friend!

        Was there something significant happening when you were without a mattress? I will do my best to make sure I support your art do that won’t happen, if I can be of any help.

        About your little fears: perhaps you could pick 3 for my apartment? ❀


      2. Will send an email shortly, was just awake until 5am because of yay insomnia, haha. My times gone all over the place now, this morning!


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