Battery Life

Art by Liz

“Dammit,” she grumbled as the screen of the tablet turned off.

Etta fumbled around in the kitchen drawer for a charger cable. She yanked the microwaves plug out of the wall and plugged in her tablet. She peered at her reflection in the screen waiting for the tablets power button LED to turn green.

“Hurry up and turn me on,” said her reflection. “We miss you already.”

This weeks art is by Liz of SeeLizBlogWithFriends. For some srsly spookems (and non-spookems) art, check out her site. With pics like Warped Sun, you can see why she’s right up my street.

Cheers to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage. Want to support the Fears or nobble books, art and merch? Find me on Ko Fi, Patreon, Etsy, Amazon, Skillshare and Threadless.

9 thoughts on “Battery Life”

  1. Dear Little Fears,
    We all need to charge our batteries at times – or, rather, pretty much all the time. 😉 Just sometimes we mistake real food and pacifiers… 😀

    You know, I kind of got addicted by your posts! They really brighten up my day!! 🙂 : ) 🙂
    If you don’t mind, I am adding you to my public blogroll 🙂 🙂


  2. –Charging 1%–
    Etta had been a prisoner, trapped in the basement of the handsome man’s house, for two weeks. Filthy and lonely, her only companion the fire-walled tablet left for her entertainment — she could receive but not send help, she’d feared the signs on the wall. A cult, she determined, from the cross and pentagram, the figures and writing.
    Above her, the commotion of loud voices in argument stopped her breath. She shuffled back beneath the staircase, pulling the cable as far as it would go.
    –Charging 2%–
    The door to the basement opened and a parade of heavy shoes began to descend the stairs.
    –Charging 3%–
    What could she do, even with a charged tablet?
    –Charging 4%–
    She looked around in desperation. The microwave!
    –Charging 5%–
    She stared with imagined loss at the glassy surface of her only friend.
    –Charging 6%–
    With panic shaking her fingers she replace the charging cable plug with the microwave’s, said goodbye, slipped the tablet through the oven’s door and tapped COOK.


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