Kaijune 29 (and the paper waste)

This beast kept chewing herbs for hours on end and always spat them out. He didn’t even eat them! What a waste of thyme.

As time goes by, I’m becoming more conscious of waste. I have always been pretty eco-friendly. I use everything until it’s falling apart before I replace it.

The missus and I currently produce less than a litre of bin waste every two weeks. The only thing I go through a lot of is paper. My constant scribbling has filled two A4 file boxes in the last eight years. That doesn’t sound like much. But I draw at a tiny scale. The photos I scribble on are printed twelve per page.

I feel the only way I can improve with pen and ink is to draw at a larger scale. You’re limited on what you can fit onto a 2-inch square. But then, the way I draw and discard, I’d be using twelve sheets of paper a day instead of one.

The pot of ink and nib pen I just bought will last me twelve months. I think, over the next year, I’ll look into digital alternatives to pen and ink. Heck, I’ve written a course on turning doodles into digital graphics (clicky). There must be a way I can create something unique daily, cut out the paper use and improve what I do.

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19 thoughts on “Kaijune 29 (and the paper waste)”

  1. I don’t know about you, but I like working with paper. I like reading physical books, and journal articles I print out. Moving to a digital medium would be tough for me. I hope you’ll let us in on a sneak peek as you try new things!


    1. I adore paper. The smell, feel and texture is awesome. I’m just aware if I were to burn through 12 sheets a day, over time, that pile up to a lot of waste. I think we need to be mindful of how much waste we produce now, more than ever.

      I shall endeavour to post experiments along the way. 🙂


  2. Possibly good news: you may not have to work larger to cut down on paper waste. If you go on Google and look up “pen and ink miniatures,” you’d be astonished at what you can fit into just a couple of square inches. (Here’s an example, about 1″ x 1.5″ – http://www.gorblimey.com/?p=100 ).

    I’m also very anti-garbage, though. I applaud your efforts to cut down on waste, even on the smallest of scales. These days, I’m saving pen and paper for just my best ideas. The rest get the digital treatment.

    PS – I really like your blog.


    1. Cheers, RG. I’ve seen a lot of micro-art on the net. I think part of my problem is, I’ve been doing it too long with reckless abandon and I’m not sure how long I can keep doing it. 6-12 doodles a day at this size for 3-4 years? That’s something silly like 11,000 doodles at an average of 9 a day? Holy crap. That’s not including Inktober, Witchtober, Goretober, ColourCollective, Movember, Kaijune and all the other side projects I’ve done. I’d like to grow and expand what I do, but that means using larer page sizes and then kicks in guilt over paper use, haha.


      1. Blimey, that IS a lot! I did Inktober a couple of times and managed about one 2.5” x 2.5” drawing per day, at about eight hours per drawing. That only works out to about three sheets of paper.

        You could always try an impermanent medium, like ink on glass: paint it, photograph it, wash it off, and do it again. That way, you get the feel of real materials with very little waste.


  3. I think it’s great you’re trying to reign in waste but at the same time I really love physical media. I don’t know how much of an environmental impact an artist using less paper makes. It’s certainly worth the effort but so long as logging/paper etc companies keep cutting/milling at a furious pace we’re going to continue to experience growing problems. Anywho enough bloviating. I wish you luck and look forward to more content in whatever medium. Cheers.


    1. Yeah, I’m a texture whore. I do often look sideways at comics like Modern Toss, who still manage to get texture in their images and probably do most things digital now. I hve the luxury of time in giant ink-pot form to figure out the future, heh.


  4. Awww, my dad was an architect and swore by his 4B pencils. Everything’s digital now…I have a little pencil case filled with 4B pencils I gave him that he never got around to using. Would you like it? There’s something about pencil and paper. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trees are noble and oh so gracious to artists who honor them.


    1. Pencils are awesome. They have such a nice texture. Thank you, for the compliments. We really need to get on with reducing waste though, aye.


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