Story by Lady Black

The show at Theatre Spectaculation ensued with murder, blood and gore. The actors bowed and then sat down into chairs that had been placed behind them.

The stage and the actors were thrown into seizures as the electricity coursed through their bodies. After three minutes of the Friday night fry, smoke emanated from their lifeless bodies. The director, Thomas the Tintalator emerged and snarled, “a little pain for a little production, a little death for the day and the ultimate show is created.”

Story by Lady Black of Hope, Truth and Light. She’s been writing poetry since she was 15. Lady moved onto music, scriptwriting and now fiction. She’s not stopping there, with a t-shirt company, singing career and rock band in the works. Check out her blog at

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9 thoughts on “Showtime”

    1. Oh man, I’ve done a teeny bit of real life stage work and I’ve run a theatre in Second Life for 10 years. Boy howdy, I’ve a few deaths on stage, haha.


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