“Sam,” said Jelly. “Are you OK?

“Yeah,” replied Sam.

“Is that a lie?” asked Jelly.

“Yeah,” replied Sam.


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31 thoughts on “Sam”

  1. I don’t get it. Sam and Jelly? Sam is Jelly? Sam or Jelly? Lying?

    Is it some sort of (unfinished) Jelly Samwich?


      1. Keep going. You reminded me not to ask someone ‘How are you?’ or ‘Are you okay?’ unless I want to know and I’m prepared for their answer.


      1. Sorry to hear it…but you know, Monday blues, Tuesday jazz, Wednesday country and by the time you get to Thursday you’re a little happier. And possibly confused by the progression of musical genres…


      1. Rather like when you ask a little kid if he can say the word “No.”
        “What do you mean you can’t say the word ‘No’.


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