“Don’t you think the Sprites dying on this beach are becoming darker somehow,” observed Jelly.

“Sprites used to be so fun,” sighed Cuttle. “I met one the other day that was slaughtered by a crochet hook wielding nutter.”

“Quango, the crochet killer,” chimed in Parrotfish. “A murderer who’d always follow a pattern.”

Two extra shout outs today. First goes to Bruce Campbell (not the one who fought the Evil Dead) of BeachDaze. Second to Devina of Hot Chocolate and Books and Poets Corner who did an awesome job of tidying my GoodReads page. Both of them have hit me up with a $10 Patreon pledge. Cheers, folks. You’re awesome.

Cheers to Bruce Campbell, Devina, Kathy & Warrenย for the continued $10ย Patronage. You can find me on Ko Fi, Patreon, Etsy, Amazon, Skillshare and Threadless.

30 thoughts on “Crochet”

    1. Devina and I have known each other for a few years now. We’ve followed each other through a couple of sites, heh. It seems the most recent site she’s submitted too and I haven’t heard back from her as to which site to link to.


    2. Now you’ve got me thinking, Devina used the name Badger at some point. Man, I need to email her, haha. The woman’s had so many blogs.


      1. ‘Tis moi, I’m sorry for the confuddle. I’ve replied to your email btw. I know, I do have a lot of stuff, I’m going to scale ’em down in the future. Plans, I had so much, man. But you know the saying: some one makes plans and the void will attempt to consume it, so run fast. I wasn’t fast enough.


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