The creak of floorboards awoke Meria. The rush of adrenaline had her scrambling for the door before her eyes had fully opened. The door to the next room slammed shut.

“Alexa, turn on the lights,” cried out Meria.

“No,” came the reply.

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47 thoughts on “Creak”

  1. Evil Alexa vs intellectually-challenged Alexa who keeps saying, “I don’t know that.” What about “Hey Google”? Google couldn’t even give her a name. Lol!


  2. o god. that’s precisely why ill never have one of those things in my house. heard they randomly start witch cackling and reading off names of funeral homes. my theory is that its bored nerds messing with people…but many of my theories have been wrong. shudders


    1. Nope, it’s all true. Skynet is here and she’s called Alexa. The thought of something listening to everything we do, all of the time is just… Nope! Haha.


      1. Yep. Even if Huxley and Orwell tripped on peyote and psylocibin in the Sonoran and invoked the winged serpent whose dominion lies therein….they still couldn’t come up with something scarier than an NSA wiretap that sends you and your wifes intimate conversations to Ted from accounting. A device that you put there cause…you know…its just kinda…cool…or somethin.


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