Two more dead Sprites washed ashore beside them and sunk into the black sands. “Look,” sighed Parrotfish, swiping through the tweets about the author who created Sprites passing.

The trio gasped as they saw tweet after tweet from humans announcing the deaths of their childhoods. “That’ll do it,” lamented Cuttle.

“Why are humans so eager to kill off what they once loved,” asked Jelly.

Puns return tomorrow. I just wanted a wee bit of character progression this week.

Shout out and thanks to my $10 Patrons, whose support helps me bring you daily tales of groan-inducing terror. Bruce, Badger, Kathy & Warren.


21 thoughts on “Twittered”

  1. Arg you made me cry!!!!! Usually I chuckle but this one was sad. Not that I mind lol I like when writing makes me cry but the death of childhood and the loss it entails hit hard. I really did enjoy. 🙂


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