“I don’t understand,” said Sprite, stepping out of the dunes. “I showed over a hundred humans pictures of Spectre. Are none of them remembering him for more than a few minutes?”

“You’re an idiot,” sighed Lucy, “with unrealistic expectations of humans.”

“You can’t expect much from a species,” chimed in Jelly, ” that make eight Fast and Furious films and not once show them stopping for petrol.”

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19 thoughts on “Expectations”

  1. I gave up on that franchise after #2 when a couple of 4 cylinder Asian imports beat a Yenko Camaro and a Hemi’cuda on a straight away. They also rode a Nitrous boost for over a minute without blowing either of those aluminum engines.


  2. Haha. I’d actually love that. Mid police chase. “Damn, gotta fill ‘er up!” Cue elevator music as they stand at the pumps, and pay for their fuel like a law-abiding citizen, before returning to whatever wanton destruction they were causing


    1. Imagine if we were shown the wait for the bus in all those cheesy romance films before the partner arrives and announces their undying love… Lordy!


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