“I think,” cried Spectre, “I know what I am. I’m just a humans dream or idea, right?”

“That’s right,” said Lucy. “You get to live here for a while until the human that dreamt you up forgets about you.”

“Don’t worry about the human getting insomnia,” said Jelly, “it won’t cause you to vanish.”

“Insomnia is awful, bruv,” said Sprite. “But on the plus side, only three more sleeps until Christmas.”

Shout out and thanks to Lisa, J. I. Rogers and Tina for buying me cuppa on Ko-Fi yesterday.

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9 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Oh dear! Christmas coming already! There were signs of it here in the shops in early October. £ months before Christmas. One quarter of the year to go and they were starting to push Christmas!


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