Masked Sin

By Jay-lyn Doerksen

On my shoulders
carrying the weight
dreams broken
left dying at my feet
tears gathering
never falling
staring into the mirror
hollowed eyes
what can I say?
You haunt me
my dreams
my desires.
I want to walk forward
forge a path
but there you are
foiling my way.
Smoked delusions
lay back
watch starlight dance across the sky
I hurt
take a deep breath
my pain
pushed down
until forgotten.
Not forgotten
smile plastered
heart breaking
you pass me by
I wish you happiness
while I sink to my knees
memories overwhelming
one after another
veins slashed
no blame
no guilt
I need to be free…..
free of pain
of hatred
of life…..
Bend not before my grave
raindrops hard
no salve for your conscious.
threaded black and blue
you might hit me
curled inwards
words pierce
slaughtering my soul
my heart.
Good night
my sweet prince.
Come just a little closer
lean in
feel that blade slip between your ribs.
Fall to knees
cold grief
stand above
should have told you
I am a psychopath.

Story by Jay-lyn Doerksen of Check out Jay’s blog for more poetic poems. Thanks for the spooky vibes, Jay!

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Story Time

“Hey, Fuen,” called the chicklets. “Tell us a story!”

“Alright,” replied Fuen. The chicklets leaned in. “Once upon a time, there was a little girl. And she said ‘bollocks to this!'”

“Then what happened?” gasped the chicklets.

“She did shit her own way,” replied Fuen, “and lived happily ever after.”

A story within a story… Meta…

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Circum Film

Brass Ep. 44

Iron read the leaflets in the ticket office. Her focus fell on an image of humans in doctors and nurses overalls alongside a man in a dressing gown.

‘Circumcision’ read the title. ‘A tale of how one mans life was saved from the eternal pain of balanitis.’

The flyer claimed it had a 3-hour runtime. “I wonder,” pondered Copper, “if that’s the directors cut.”

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Cinema Death

Brass Ep. 43

‘HELP’ was spelt out across the floor in giant letters pulled off a cinemas signage. “I thought if anyone flew overhead…” sighed Copper.

Iron cleaned the dust off the letters. Copper gave her a thankful nod.

Above the entrance was a list of films and times. At the bottom of the sign was a sombre message. ‘The owner of the Hulley Cineplex has passed away. His funeral service will be held at 2:10, 4:20, 8:30.’

Iron smirked. “You like puns too, aye?” asked Copper.

In 2003, I went to the third Lord of the Rings preview. We were a couple of minutes late, but front row seats. The projector malfunctioned during the adverts. The manager came in and said the screening was cancelled. I heard a grown man/passionate orc scream “I’ve waited 10 years for this!”

As I laughed out loud, my mate grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the cinema. I realised on the way out, the whole cinema was filled with people dressed as orcs, elves, dwarves, goblins and whatever else is in Lord of the Rings. We were the only people dressed in jeans and shirts.

I don’t know if the cinema owner survived. We got a refund from the box office and were out of the cinema before anyone else emerged from the screen. Do orcs eat humans? RIP cinema manager guy.

I think that was the last time I went to the cinema… Yikes…

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Magic Spain

Brass Ep. 42

They left the school and returned to the main road. Buildings had sunk further than others into the ground here. The roofs of houses and odd chimneys were all that was left peeking out of the soil. In some places, there would be a dark and dusty patch where a house once stood.

One building was noticeably absent. The Spanish magic show house. Un Dos had vanished without a tres.

Today’s video took an hour for YouTube to process and I’m getting a ‘processing’ message on the creators studio page. Apologies if it’s a bit wonky for ya to watch.

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Pony Up

Brass Ep. 41

Thirty minutes of Coppers tinkering passed. Computers deconstructed all over the room. She had a bag full of spares.

“That’ll keep us going,” said Copper. “This place looks like a tip though…”

Iron beeped and whirred an acknowledgement and looked about the wreckage. She wasn’t sure what sort of tip Copper meant, but she felt it was a good tip.

Unlike Wheezy Pony, 16-1, 3:30 at Chepstow.

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Slow PC

Brass Ep 40

Copper arrived in the libraries computer room. She flicked the power switch and a dozen computers beeped to life.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard. A printer came to life and began regurgitating paper with ink spread across it.

Copper’s keyboard tapping soundtrack paused. “Oh, no.” Her screen paused, flickered and turned blue.

She squeaked as the PC crashed all the other computers slowed down to watch.

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Lost Letter

Brass Ep 39

Copper made her way to the libraries second floor. Bookshelves had collapsed across a number of games tables.

Chess pieces were strewn across the floor. Decks of cards had been scattered in ways that would have made magicians weep. Scrabble boards had been snapped in half, throwing their letters into an alphabet soup over every surface.

Once past the Scrabble boards, she let out a sigh of relief. It was all fun and games until somebody lost an ‘I’.

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Auto Motive

Brass Ep 38

As copper stripped any salvageable parts from the PC, Iron continued browsing the books.

She found her way into the automotive section. Books lined the shelves with titles relating to cars, motorcycles, tractors and engines. She pulled a book off the shelf titled “A beginners guide to starting combustion engines.”

She turned it over.

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Scotch Tape

Brass Ep. 37

They found their way to the library where Copper spotted a lone computer. She pulled out her tools and got to work deconstructing it.

Iron wandered up the aisles of books. “Don’t go too far,” called Copper. Irons claws were nimble enough to open a book, but not sharp enough to turn the pages with accuracy. Tilting her head sideways, she read the book titles.

‘Scotch; The History of Sellotape.’ She debated having a read, but she knew she’d never find the beginning.

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