Finding Leeds – ep. 28

“Call just come in ma’am,” said Sally.

“Are we needed?” asked Lily.

“Afraid so,” said Sally. “The whole of Yorkshires police force has lost an entire town.”

“Darn,” said Lily. “Any details?”

“Not yet,” replied Sally. “They are looking for Leeds.”

Ahahaha. Do ya get it? Lost Leeds! Losing leads… Finding Leads… Bwahaha. I’ve spent three months naming these plotlines for that payoff. It was worth it, right? Right? Right?… I think I can hear crickets… Oh…

Thank you for joining me on these wee tales. I certainly hope you enjoyed Lily and Sally’s adventures. They ended a few days behind schedule, doh, but we’ll have a new series starting tomorrow, internet connection willing. See ya then!

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