“So why were you in his car?” asked Yuffie.

“Because his cheese and onion sandwich was tiny and pathetic,” said Shadow.

“Let me have a look,” said Yuffie.

She pulled the sandwich open to reveal a stringy bit of cheese and the smallest onion she had ever seen.

“Really Driver?” sighed Yuffie.

“Yep,” said Driver, “that’s shallot.”



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12 thoughts on “Drive”

      1. Oh, thanks ‘shallot’ for the link, ‘vadalia’ imply I don’t know what tiny onions are, I was a cook for Queen’s sake! I just don’t get the alleged joke here.


  1. I know about shallots already! Hahahaha, I use it myself as a phrase quite often actually.

    I hope Drive shadow’s protest wasn’t a dirty one.

    Esme falling about as there’s ‘mush-room’ to do so upon the Cloud


  2. Had a woman made the sandwich would she be the Lady of Shalott? Uh-oh. What if it had been made before Rafael got to work? Would that make it pre-Rafael-lite dandwich? I’m killing myself here. I’ll be here all week, folks, tip your waitresses, try the boiled ham! No not me!!!


  3. Unbelievable shakes head

    Okay here goes:
    “So why did the missus cosh you?” asked Donkey.
    “Could be anythin’,” Driver said around a stalk of straw. “Temperamental woman she is.”
    Donkey nodded as he plodded along the rutted dirt streets.
    “All I says was she looked to be puttin’ on a few,” continued Driver.
    Donkey rolled his eyes and muttered, “And they call me an ass.”


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