January & Capricorn – Little Fears hit paperback

Busses and Fears books. Wait a thousand years for the Little Fears to put out a book, and three come along at once. January and Capricorn are now both available in paperback formats on Amazon (woot!). January is a collection of 90 pun based tales (all published here) and Capricorn being 88 horror tales (12 posted here so far).

January USA – $15.54

January UK – £12.00

Capricorn USA – $15.54

Capricorn UK – £12.00

The paperback edition I got down to £12 from the looney prices I was looking at before by some ninja editing. Getting it to one tale per page made a huge difference on the printing costs.

The Little Fears is something I really enjoy doing. I think that comes across in every tale and doodle I put out there. But it wouldn’t exist the way it does if you, the awesome readers, didn’t come by, leaving funny comments and laugh along with the tales. As a thank you for being awesome, I have set Capricorns digital edition to free for the next 5 days.

Capricorn Kindle Edition

Did I say three books? Yes. Already edited and being double checking now for mistakes is Spiders, another 96 tales of humour and wisdom from the Little Fears.

So yes, Little Fears books are indeed like busses… 🙂

Finally, another quick thank yu to Devina, who got January on the Kindle weeks ago and has helped me on Good Reads.


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