Little Fears, Big Update: Reala

You’ll be happy to hear, this update doesn’t require three cups of tea to get through.

  1. Reala
  2. Lucy on Tee
  3. Lucy’s Competition
  4. Ink/Witch/Gore*Tober
  5. Hit me up on Patreon


Our resident bartender for this weeks colour collective on Twatter. Originally named after an old Second Life avatar, I still use. Her namesake in Second Life is also a bartender, often adorned in red, white and black. She has a backstory, but that’s a tale that won’t be told until Christmas. The disadvantages in writing so far ahead heh.

Lucy on Tee

The first of Lucy’s tees, there’s going to be three of her (eventually). She’s available at Threadless on t-shirts from $12.95 and art prints from $12.

Shop link–>

Lucy’s Competition

I’ve only had about 20 entries so far, so the odds of winning her are in your favour if you enter. If you want a chance to win, please do leave a comment under the post linking to your entry. I can see the post has been shared far more than 20 times, suggesting people aren’t commenting to enter.

Competition Link –>

For the bloggers out there, I shall be explaining process, stats, complications and results of running a blog competition in Monday’s blog post.


Inktober, Goretober and Witchtober are all now in full swing. I’m posting four times daily to my Twatter, Instagram and Tumblr with all the new images. If you want to keep up, click the links below and say hello!

Twitter: @TheLittleFears
Instagram: Little.Fears
Tumblr: littlefearsdoodles

Hit me up on Patreon

patreon little fears

If you read to the bottom of my last post, you may know for any new $10 and $25 Patreons I get, I’ll give you a shout out and link back each week in the Friday update posts. $25 Patreons will be also written into the daily tales. Interested? Head on over to my Patreon page for details.

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