Brace yourselves, art is coming

Three posts to the blog in one day? What is this sworcery?

Once again, nearing the end of my internet month and my bandwidth is low. Also, Penguin Host is shuffling servers this weekend, So I can’t post anything safely on Saturday and Sunday.

Roit, so, on with the thing. Brace yourselves, Inktober is coming.

The prompt list has been out a few weeks. But a gentle reminder, if you’re just trying to improve your skill at drawing and the Inktober list doesn’t work for you, no problem. There are other October-Inktober drawing challenges. For example Witchtober.

Feck those guys who bash Witchtober for being the teen girls Inktober. Witches are awesome, and if you want to draw them, go for it.

Hey, I love that. Octobit. For the pixel artists out there.

Need some blood splatter and zombies? No worries, Goretober has your back.

So, dust off your pens. Grab a sketchpad and get ready to get doodling.

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Inktober Day Twenty One – Drain

“Plumber cleared the blockage in septic tank then left without saying a word. Didn’t take payment and won’t answer emails, texts or DMs on Twitter. Whistling noise now coming from pipes. Eight of ten I guess. Did the job, but I wouldn’t recommend.”

– Desmond’s Drains. Avg rating 7/10.