Calendar Factory

Grey Moon – Thursday (ep. 48)

“I got fired from a few jobs,” laughed Yuffie.

“Oh god, me too,” replied Reala.

“Years ago, I got fired from a calendar factory,” moaned Yuffie.

Fuen and Reala raised an eyebrow.

“All I did was take a day off,” sighed Yuffie.

82 thoughts on “Calendar Factory”

  1. Nice one as always! I have a question for you…do you start with the last line and work backwards? I’m just curious how you come up with the puns?


    1. Oh man, haha, my process is pretty warped… On this first run (current tales being posted I wrote before May last year) I just wrote them any old way. Past this current run, I wrote them with 90-120 stories in mind fitting an over-arcing long-form narrative. Seeking Hydra unintentionally had a long-form narrative. Grey Moon (the tales about Yuffie, Reala and Fuen in a bar) has seven short narratives. Seven days in a bar. That doesn’t really answer your question, but as many a lady has said to me, it’s complicated… πŸ˜€


      1. Now I need to go off and research long-form narratives…thanks for that! Warped is good though…keeps us all guessing!


  2. I’ve managed to skip a few Mondays in the name of ” wait I thought today was Sunday, my bad something is definitely wrong with my calendar…” No guarantees you wont get into trouble though.


  3. (rolls around laughing as she holds the missing piece Yuffie gave her… jobs ago)

    OMG Pete!!!! this is like too much! How does… wait… I’m not asking how I can comment because… it will disappear later. LOL.

    Cheers cutie!!


  4. Ooh, this reminds me of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, they tend to cancel Wednesdays. Quite literally. It says so on the Community Calendar. If you’ve never heard of it I strongly recommend, it’s right up your alley I think.


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