Bunny Hunt

Capricorn (ep. 82)

He looked at the cage. He hated that rabbit. It’s white fur and ruby-red eyes. They burned in the dark. Most children his age liked Easter. He hated it. He knew what happened to the neighbour’s cat last year. He wondered if his parents knew. Probably not, they were too busy out drinking at that bar. He heard the latch coming loose on the hutch. He watched the rabbit as it left the room on tonight’s hunt. Easter bunnies should be feared.

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45 thoughts on “Bunny Hunt”

  1. This is one of those cultural (proto?) tropes that starts off amusing and becomes more and more concerning when you play with the words involved a bit too much. Well used here, I would say.


    1. Haha, I didn’t think of that. Wasn’t it the Great Beast or Arrrgh?

      “It’s a rabbit you silly sod!”


  2. No one’s mentioned The MAXX yet? Granted, Python is first and foremost, but I didn’t think the saga of Julie Winters and Dave the Gardener was quite that forgotten. I’m sad now.


  3. I’m sorry- we had a white rabbit for quite a while, and he was an *sshole. We totally hooked him up, housing-wise, but we still had a running joke about how he looked at us like he hated us… Then one day, he went “Velveteen Rabbit” on us, and we aren’t sure what happened to him after that. Neither of us humans were especially heartbroken though.


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