Hot Crisps

Grey Moon – Sunday (ep. 75)

“How’s your afternoon going?” asked Fuen.

“Not bad,” said Reala. “I think I have invented a new flavour of crisps.”

“Oh really?” asked Fuen.

“Yep,” replied Reala, holding out some hot dog flavoured crisps. “Combining British crisps with an American flavour.”

“Nice,” said Fuen. “If they’re popular you’re gonna make a packet.”

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31 thoughts on “Hot Crisps”

      1. They are only flavoured like them. No hedgehogs were harmed in the making of these crisps.


      2. Thank god! Haha! All the same, who wants hedgehog flavoured crisps? What if someone develops a taste for their prickly flesh? 😀


      3. Yes it’s not prickly heat it’s prickly eat. They don’t make em anymore.


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