Olivia’s Tree

By Layne Ambrose

“Seriously another one?” Olivia says.

“Every day Olivia. It is a graveyard after all. People have to go somewhere,” Rufus says in a deflated tone.

“Well can’t they see that we are running out of space here?” Olivia protests.

Rufus shrugs. “Whatever, I’m not sharing my tree. This is my tree so, everyone can just bugger off,” Olivia exclaims.

“Calm down, no one said that you had too,” Rufus says.

“Good because I’m not. I saw that old lady with her dog eyeing my tree. It is totally not happening.”

Story by Layne Ambrose of Chewing-On-Glass.com. Check out Layne’s blog for more glass being chewed. Thanks for the vignette, Layne!

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