Basic skills ain’t basic

That right there is my original drawing of Fuen. Drawn into a little Gusti Leber pad with a black Posca pen and Tippex for the white.

I took the image into GIMP, a free image editing program on PC and Mac. I isolated the doodle. Then put her everywhere.

She’s featured on the front of my first book, January (link! ). She’s sold on art-prints (link! ). She’s been on t-shirts, with an extra hand and mug added (link! ).

It’s a simple skill. Dead easy! I taught a Skillshare lesson on it while practising my screen recording. How to convert a hand-drawn doodle into a digital graphic. (link! ).

It currently has 237 students with 100% review.

Wait… What? You mean this simple skill isn’t common knowledge? This silly little course is helpful and well rated? Huh… Who’d of thunk it…

But hey, there’s a lesson there right. Sometimes, if you work really hard, you too can be a sunflower.

No, wait, that’s not it…

If you put a character everywhere, you can fill a blog post with stupid amounts of links (link! ).

No… That’s still not it…

It’s something more like, we all have little skills we take for granted. Try putting them out there.

Also, this course is a premium course. Except for the next 48 hours. For the next 48 hours, it’s free. FREE! Enrol in the course, for free, any time before Wednesday evening and it’s free for life.


Good grief that was a lot of links….

Shout out to Bob, the Penguin for buying me another cuppa ko-fi yesterday and thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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6 thoughts on “Basic skills ain’t basic”

  1. Not everyone gets that everybody might have a clue about something. I know a guy, to read his emails you’d think he was illiterate, or worse. But he understands scaffolding. My wife can’t run a multi function remote but designs award winning online classrooms. I knew another guy, all he did was complain. He said he needed a job telling companies about all the things they did wrong from non standard size marketing materials to product knob colors. He liked to eat at those disgusting breaded mystery meat buffet places, so I’m not sure his idea of good was really quantifiable in a usable way. However I do need to see how you turned draw, scan, manipulate into 11 minutes without 4 of them plugging Patreon. But I’m sure it’s doable because I just watched a woman who does tutorials for Corel paint just like Bob Ross! All that was missing was the smell of hemp on a lazy college Sunday afternoon. I’m waiting for smellavision. It can’t be far away. Monitors loaded with a bank of essential oils, websites sending custom mix codes along with the code for the shimmer on the header font…
    Oops, off topic. Good show on the 100%. That’s like totally improbable in the world of internet snipers, which was my point. Keep it up! Where’s cloud been?


    1. I left school at 16. Worked full time. I went to evening classes for my A levels (college) and then did distance learning for a bachelor’s degree (until the Tories sent education prices through the roof). Since Bob Ross memes came back around in the 2010s and he came onto my radar, I feel like I missed a huge part of the daytime culture. Everybody knows the guy. After seeing a few YouTube clips, I can see why he (and his happy little trees) were popular.

      When you’ve done the graphics thingy once, it usually takes less than a minute. Also, no mention of Patreon… Cheers!


  2. Thanks for the reminder, this was what I was trying to remember from one of our talks.

    It’ll be good to finally learn how to sit in a coffee shop and doodle title cards and a few goofy mascots for the variety of clutter that I collect instead of fighting with a digital brush for twenty minutes because I can’t get a shape just right.

    So things you just have to do by hand. Handy!


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