Distant Sands

Brass Ep. 58

From the theme park gates onwards, neither Copper or Iron saw anything resembling the world they had known for the next few hundred miles. Flat sand in every direction occasionally rose into dunes where there had once been dense forests. Townships were absent wherever marked on the map.

The lack of distractions let Copper’s mind wander back to the creature that had been watching them. It reminded her of a bird. Its piercing eyes was about all Copper could make out. It would certainly explain how it got onto the roof it was perched on.

Whatever it was, it had ruffled Copper’s feathers.

Original photo by Sean ThomanΒ onΒ Unsplash. Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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18 thoughts on “Distant Sands”

    1. There will be soon. Along with the other 8 ongoing stories I’ve done. The Fears was meant to be a silly side project when it started, not the kinda big thing in my life it is now. So I never set up categories properly at the start. A homepage with all stories on is in the works.


      1. Haha isn’t that how all great things start? :3 I would love to start from the beginning, so looking forward to that update!!

        I’m also a YouTuber that does narrations so maybe we can collab or something or I can hire you to guest narrate a story for me? :3


      2. It is, haha.

        Y’all know I’m up for collaborations at the moment. Give me a month or so to finish the current story and clear some Sunday collab backlog and we’ll try something. πŸ™‚


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