Shell Meal

“This is not what I meant,” growled Spectre, “and you know it!”

“Well I’m not taking it back,” sighed Sprite, putting the tortoise in a chefs hat onto the kitchen counter.

“I’m with Sprite on this,” said Yuffie. “I mean, you didn’t specify a brand or anything when you asked for a slow cooker.”

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32 thoughts on “Shell Meal”

      1. Heh, no probs mate. I’m fine with odd spelling mistakes as long as they don’t ruin a story.

        That’s happened a few times this last 6 months mind, thanks to WordPress’ new editor not playing nice with Grammarly/Plugin spellcheckers. Doh!


      2. oh I know – and have had it on me little ol blog too – and some were so bad I thought someone went into my account and added some typos and mistakes just to mess with me. But then the paranoia settled and I accepted reality – lol


      3. Ooof. If I’m thinking ahead I now have to type stuff in Grammarly’s client then copy paste into WordPress. Obviously, I don’t do it every day. But man, we shouldn’t have to. Silly WordPress! Haha.


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