I & E

“No horse,” sighed Sprite. “Your spellings as bad as the illustrators.”

“Well, the English language is stupid,” grumbled Horse. “I before e my fuzzy mane.”

“It’s a given rule mate,” replied Sprite. “Except for when my foreign neighbour Keith, a weightlifting financier from Leith, was in a feisty heist with eight reindeer.”

“Oh, piss off,” growled Horse.

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20 thoughts on “I & E”

    1. Everyone loves poking fun at the English language. For comedy, it’s as easy as shooting Trumps in a barrel.


  1. Haha, I really love your play on words. It’s so enjoyable and humorous! Perhaps you could change “weightlifter financier” to “weightlifter prone to seizure”, or something else in place of financier (maintaining the exception rule 😉)


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