Kitty Spin

Story by David

“The cat was mostly curious when I put it in the blender,” recounted Lucy.

Yuffie sobbed.

“It got ornery when I added the holy water, but the lid proved the stronger,” continued Lucy.

“How could you do that? What was going through your mind?” Yuffie moaned.

“You always say, fight fire with fire. You were catatonic. What else could I do?” Lucy demanded.

This weeks tale was spun (hah! Git it!) by David. You can check out their poetry and philosophical musings at

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23 thoughts on “Kitty Spin”

      1. Yes, I think many people would miss the humor part because not all know about puns, especially if they’re not native speakers. I think creating these pieces is an art itself, so, well done on making these so good!


  1. Just goes to show how different agents conspire to keep validating cliches and proverbs. Old curiosity shall take the blame for this feline demise as well!


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