“You’re able to leave this island?” gasped Meria. “How?”

“The next storm,” remarked Lucy. “I’ll simply turn to smoke and drift away on the wind.”

“During the last storm,” pondered Meria, “I’d been smoking local plants, and I was sure I saw a cow in the sky. Tumbling around in the wind.”

“Well, that’s a high steaks vision,” chuckled Lucy.

Arr, first week of September and I have a cold! That’s it! I’m not leaving the house for six months. Come back Scottish summer, all is forgiven!

OK, there’s no way I could, in good conscience, post this story without also posting the old pun-filled story, Cows with guns, by Dana Lyons.

Join the fight for bovine freedom, people!

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34 thoughts on “Wind”

  1. Lol when I saw the word β€œwind” I heard farts and raspberries! So you live in Scotland? I never knew. We talked the other day about coming to live in Scotland. Would love to. We live in North Lincolnshire now. You never know where we might end up though! Sorry you’vd got a cold. 😊


    1. Yep, the missus is a Scot, her parents are getting on so we made the move from London to Scotland to be closer to them. We’re up the top though, between Aberdeen and Inverness, in the middle of nowhere, haha.


  2. How do you get Dragon milk? Froma short legged cow…
    Like Grampa passed out on the couch after too much cheesy broccoli, there are far too many broken wind jokes in the wings to be made in a family setting.


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