Original Designs

“How did it go?” asked Hydra.

“Not great,” sighed Shavings.

“What’s that?” asked Serpent.

“I entered a competition for original designs,” grumbled Shavings.

“Nice,” said Serpent.

“It would have been,” moaned Shavings. “Unfortunately they called this morning to say I didn’t make it.”

Hohoho! Shavings design was about as original as the punchline!


Want to help Shavings create an original design? Grab one of my books below and all profits from Amazon sales today will go

towards paying for a new shed for shavings!*

USA: https://goo.gl/r64kH4

UK: http://amzn.to/2wAgZPr

(*This might not be true, as Shavings is a fictional character doodled around a pencil shaving.)


10 thoughts on “Original Designs”

    1. Hey hey Andy. You’re welcome. Sorry I don’t comment more! Your ‘why Hurricane Harvey shouldn’t mess with Texas’ post gave me a darn good chuckle. 🙂


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