Sea Monsters Signs

Sea-Monster waved around a placard.

“Whats that?” asked Yuffie.

“Protest placard,” said Sea-Monster, turning it out to reveal the word ‘Bad’ painted on it.

“Oh,” said Yuffie. “That’s not a good sign.”

Howdy! So you know the Little Fears have three books out now? January and Spiders are collections of our humorous tales, with Capricorn being our horror stories. All three books are available on Amazon.

USA Editions:

UK Editions:

If you buy a copy and enjoy it, please don’t forget to leave a review.


18 thoughts on “Sea Monsters Signs”

  1. You continue to amaze, my friend. How’re you all doing over there with yet another incident? I appreciate valor and a fighting spirit, but is there a sense of foreboding with all that’s happened?


    1. Howdy Dayle. Still positive and upbeat. Thankfully no deaths this time. People were offering use of charges for phones, toilets and cups of tea with biscuits to victims in the local area. Once again, London gave a very British response. 🙂


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