Chemists Death

“Yeah, he was studying to be a chemist when he died,” sighed Sprite.

“There has to be a pun there,” said Spectre.

“No puns,” said Yuffie. “We knew him, even if we did not like him, so we won’t make any gags about chemists, their deaths or anything that happens after.”

“What happens after a chemists death?” asked Sprite.

“They barium,” said Spectre.

Yuffie sighed.

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55 thoughts on “Chemists Death”

    1. Used to do stand up over voice in second life, my whole routine was telling the worst jokes I could then laughing at them myself. Used to deliver every punchline like that. 😛


  1. Yuffie said NO puns!!!!

    You know why they bury’em?

    A hole and 6 ft of earth is the best way to stop the coffin’!

    Well… Spectre started it! 😉



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