Blood Types

“What’s it say?” asked Cloud.

“It’s about my blood test,” said Black, clutching a scrap of paper.

“Anything bad?” asked Cloud.

“Not at all,” said Black. “There is a mistake though.”

“Oh?” asked Cloud.

“Yeah,” said Black. “Says I am blood type A.”

“Typo?” asked Cloud with a grin.

Black sighed.

We have a winner for our competition to win Lucy. Amanda Quah Li En takes the terrifying prize! Congratulations Amanda! I shall message you today.

Want to meet Amanda? She’s got an Etsy store and loiters on DeviantArt and Twatter.

Amanda’s Etsy: @quahlity
Amanda’s DeviantArt: @amanda4quah
Amanda’s Twatter: @amanda4quah

For those that are curious about running a competition on your own blog, tomorrows Little Fears blog post will cover my method, issues, stats, excel selection code, laws and some other fluff. Check back tomorrow after 6 pm UK time.


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