Lucys Diner

“Not at all,” said Lucy. “It’s gone pretty well.”

“Surprising really,” said Spectre.

“I know, who would have thought a karma restaurant would make such profits?” said Lucy.

“A karma restaurant?” asked Sprite. “What do you serve?”

“We have a tight menu,” replied Lucy. “Just desserts.”


31 thoughts on “Lucys Diner”

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      Peter, I have Akismet installed and no other anti spam defence. For some reason, it always needs me to approve your replies and I’m not sure why. Has anyone else said that to you or is it just my site that’s an issue?


      1. There seems to be no logic in whether a reply needs approval. I find about a third of mine need the OK, the rest go through. I do use a MacBook, but apart from that no other non standards.

        I also have to approve some comments, but there is no logic. Some fly through, where others, from the same source, require approval!

        I have been having trouble with your blog in particular over the past week or so. I cannot respond via my iPhone, and sometimes my responses fail.


    1. Heh, sorry! Just desserts as in the phrase ‘you get what you deserve’ and of course desserts as in ice cream sundaes. 😛


      1. Thanks for helping me out, here! And… I learnt a new phrase, again. Thank you for that, too!
        I was not familiar with “just desserts” in a sense of cause and effect but had it explained to me, a moment ago. In Germany they say reading educates. I guess they are right! 😉


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