Sprites Health

“Lord, help me,” pleaded Sprite.

“What’s up?” asked Sprite.

“I think I have hypochondria,” replied Sprite.

“Do you know what hypochondria is?” asked Sprite.

“No idea,” said Sprite. “But I know I’ve got it.”

Looky looky! Something came in the post today!

I need to give it a few read throughs, check for mistakes and then release. I’m going to keep giving the ebook away for free for the first five days of release for the next couple of books. Despite my annoyance with freebie hunters leaving bad reviews, I get away mostly unscathed compared to most indie authors I follow. If you fancy grabbing my first three books, hit the links below.

USA Editions: http://amzn.to/2frKA6e
UK Editions: http://amzn.to/2y6t8v0



26 thoughts on “Sprites Health”

      1. Oh I disagree with most haha! Search webmd or google for runny nose symptoms and it will always tell you have a life-threatening disease. 🙂


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