Shoplifting Clouds

“Well,” sighed Cloud, “I need to sort out my shoplifting problem.”

“Oh,” said Cloud. “How is that working out?”

“Not as well as I’d hoped,” grumbled Cloud.

“No rush though aye?” asked Cloud.

“I guess not,” sighed Cloud. “I’m just taking things one day at a time.”

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39 thoughts on “Shoplifting Clouds”

  1. Love it. Constantly in awe with the way you work a well work sentence into something totally different.
    Not to reveal any secrets, but do you work backwards from the zinger at the end?


    1. Changes all the time to be honest, and the ones I’m currently posting I had written back in March. The stories change in tone next week as Hydra’s story comes to an end. Then another 90 tales down the line, they become more dramatic, though still humorous.


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