Moses Cuppa

“Oh, I am still quite passionate about tea,” said Hydra.

“What’s your preference?” asked Yuffie.

“Typhoo, by a long way,” replied Hydra.

“I once heard Moses made good tea,” pondered Fox.

“Really?” asked Yuffie.

“Yeah,” said Fox. “Hebrews it.”

Typhoo is the greatest British tea ever created. And I shall dual you if you disagree!

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39 thoughts on “Moses Cuppa”

  1. (Groaaaaaan!)

    It’s been so long since i was in England that i read Typhoo as Typhoon and was expecting a Hurricane pun! 😉 At least it wasn’t long winded! 😉



    1. Oh man! I had scheduled the Lone Wolf tale from the other day about a week in advance, it was published when USA was getting pounded by hurricanes and I felt awful! Badly timed windy pun!


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