Eating Brie

“Late, again” grumbled Spectre.

“Sorry!” exclaimed Sprite. “Cheese factory exploded on my route over.”

“Oh dear,” said Spectre, “is everyone OK?”

“I think so,” said Sprite, “but de-brie everywhere.”

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34 thoughts on “Eating Brie”

  1. Och…that’s horrid… I love it! Gonna put this little arrow in my quiver and shut down chatty cathys at the bar.

    “So like what do you do…?”

    “Do you like Brie?”

    “Yeah…! O muh Gawwd liek…it’s so good!”

    “Well, when the cheese truck flips…I pick up de Brie.”

    “Oh..let’s not talk to that one…he smells punny.”

    Ah…a stout in peace is the best release.

    Don’t people know it’s dangerous to interrupt a warehouse workers liquid hobby?


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