Finding Hydra

“Hello Hydra,” said Yuffie. “I’ve been missing you, where have you been?”

“Seeking my identity,” sighed Hydra.

“Ah,” replied Yuffie. “Are you having an existential crisis?”

“Not sure,” said Hydra. “What’s an existential crisis?”

“Well,” replied Yuffie, “it’s this thing that happens to humans when they can’t sleep at 3 am…”

Howdy! Our new book, Seeking Hydra, will be released today. From Monday to Friday this week the Kindle/ebook edition will be free. Keep an eye out for a post and links later on today!

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19 thoughts on “Finding Hydra”

  1. Yeah, what is it about 3:00 AM? Not 5, not 2. Should we all just change our daily schedules to start at 3:00 to avoid these existential crises? God, that would be one ugly coffee shop lineup…


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